Boost Sales With LED Lighting

Boost Sales With LED Lighting

High quality lighting has a powerful effect on product presentation and customer perception.

Our freezers and coolers utilize premium, brilliant LED lighting. Good lighting improves color and contrast – Better lighting improves color vibrant and contrast providing the intended effect for which your product packaging was designed. Good contrast also helps to make your products and brand messaging stand out by giving them more visual depth.

Good lighting helps grab and direct consumer attention– The use of lighting can help to direct the flow of consumer traffic to your display. Effective lighting will highlight your products as well as make them easy to identify from a distance.

Premium LED Lighting offers long operational life and efficiency – High quality LED’s can offer operational life of up to 100,000 hours and are 4-5 times more efficient than traditional lighting technologies (e.g. incandescent). As most freezer and cooler merchandisers run 24/7, year-round, the savings of efficient lighting can really add up. And with a lifespan that totals more than 11 years, you will have the assurance that your products will always be properly lit. The result of effective lighting can be pretty compelling. And in a range of technologies and merchandiser designs, it’s clear that ALK Cool’s LED solutions offer a competitive advantage that will positively impact both sales and profitability.

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