Glass Door Merchandiser

Glass Door Merchandiser

By having a glass door merchandiser in your convenience store, cafe, or gas station, customers will be able to grab a drink for their take-out meal, snacks for their to-go breakfast, or 2-liter bottles of soda to take home with them.

Choose from merchandising coolers with either swinging or sliding doors, and browse our models with different finishes to find a sliding door refrigerator that meets your preferences.

A commercial glass door refrigerator is a great piece of equipment for your convenience store, supermarket, deli, cafeteria, or dining hall. These units keep bottled beverages, yogurt parfaits, salads, wraps, and grab-and-go snacks chilled and at safe serving temperatures.

Besides, since each soda cooler has a clear front, customers can easily see their contents, which helps increase impulse sales.

Alk Cool’s glass door commercial refrigerator series inherits the consistent bloodline of ALK, using the energy-saving R290 refrigerant and Carel electronic temperature controller. All models are equipped with maintenance-free condensation systems and custom advertising panels. Save worries for your heroic plans, please see the official website for detailed parameters and contact our team for customization.

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